Mitigating risks at board?s level ? ecoDa/AIG webinar

A joint ecoDa/AIG webinar

Mitigating risks at board’s level

A changing risk environment for European companies and their directors across Europe means greater liability exposure.  Not just across Europe, but in particular when accessing US markets.  Recent court rulings mean that public companies are more susceptible to litigation with private companies facing increased risk due to the broad regulatory environment.


This webinar in association with ecoDa and AIG will:


  • Bring greater clarity in terms of what the exposures are and how they are changing;
  • Highligh specific claims case studies that have arisen;
  • Demonstrate what directors and companies need to do to prepare and reduce the risks.


Our speakers will discuss the changing risk environment and the potential implications on your risk mitigation and due diligence as a board member.

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