Methodologies and Tools to Evaluate the Financial Impact of Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities

Methodologies and Tools to Evaluate the Financial Impact of Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities

Milano, 15 Novembre 2019

Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Corso Magenta 63, Milano

ore: 8.30 – 14.30


Stefano Pareglio, FEEM Scientific Coordinator of the “Firms and Cities Towards Sustainability” Program

Sabrina Bruno, Full Professor of Private Comparative Law, Unical and LUISS G. Carli, Nedcommunity, Chair Steering Committee of Italian Climate Governance Chapter

Arianna Lovera, Senior Programme Officer, Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (ItaSif)

Riccardo Christopher Spani, Researcher, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

Andrew Black, Business Development Manager, MSCI (U.S.A.)

Andrea Gangheri, Senior Associate, ClimateWise (UK)

Maximilian Horster, Managing Director, ISS-ESG (Global)

Nico Kröner, Product Development Manager, South Pole (UK)

Vincent Reulet, Head of Advisory Services, Carbonsink (ITA)

Aldo Bonati, Corporate Engagement and Networks Manager, Etica SGR

Camilla Bossi, Business Development Manager, ECPI – A StatPro Company

Elham Firmani, Strategy and Business Development, Arpinge

Corrado Gaudenzi, Head of Long Term Sustainable Strategies, Eurizon Capital

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