ecoDa’s Report on 10th anniversary conference in Brussels, 22 April 2015

ecoDa's Report on 10th anniversary conference in Brussels on "The Professionalism of Directors - Key to European competitiveness. 22 April 2015.

European competitiveness is being challenged both by emerging markets and by traditional competitors, such as the US. The deep and wide European recession resulting from the financial crisis has exposed the economic vulnerability of Europe. The need for concerted actions from the European business community, European governments and not the least the EU institutions has never  before been more pronounced.
Regulations and laws cannot solve the fundamental problem behind European competitiveness: the ability of European companies to stay competitive in a globalized world. On the contrary, lawmakers must design a legal framework that supports the sustainability and the competitiveness of European companies.
A key question is the level of professionalism governing European companies. Do the Boards of Directors of European listed and non-listed companies have the professionalism needed to advance European competitiveness in a sustainable way?  ecoDa chose the subject of “The professionalism of directors- Key to European Competitiveness?” to celebrate its 10 th anniversary.
This conference was  the last one in a series of ecoDa 10th Anniversary conferences.  It  started in Stockholm last June, moved to Ljubljana during the fall and is now finishing off in Brussels.

The project conference was divided into four parts:
– “The Professionalism of directors: Directors that deliver”,
– “Challenging discussion: The importance of economic intelligence for boardrooms”,
– “The Professionalism of Directors: Directors that are well selected”,
– “The Professionalism of Directors: Challenges for the 10 coming years”.

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